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Welcome to Radix. 2023-11-13 18:05

Welcome to Radix

Radix Changelog V 0.31 2023-11-02 05:39

Game Changelog ??
Trade System Enhancements ??:
System Upgrade ???: We've revamped our trading system for a smoother experience.
Rewards ??: Trade and earn 3 points, 3 arena coins, and get a cashback in gold for your priced goods.
Daily Limit ?: An added 200 million gold limit, capped at 10 transactions per day.
Daily Quests ??:
Bone's Life Bag ??: Gather 500 'Bone Life' from temple mobs.
Reward: 5 arena coins, 1 magic pop card, and 1 platinum crate.
Steel Locked Over ??: Collect 10 Steel Locks from Uniques (Yuno - Jupiter).
Reward: 2 immortal stones and 1 platinum card.
Isis Slayer ??: Eliminate 2 Isis for your reward.
Reward: 5 global chats and 10 silks.
Neith Killer ??: Hunt down 2 Neith.
Reward: 5 global chats and 10 silks.
Capture the flag Serial ??: Achieve victory in 5 Capture the Flag (CTF) games.
Reward: 5 silks and 1 platinum crate.
Battle Arena Serial ???: Triumph in 5 Battle Arenas.
Reward: 10 global chats and 1 magic pop card.
Survival Arena Serial ???: Win 5 Survival Arenas.
Reward: 5 global chats and 20 silks.
Alchemy Master ??: Attain a +9 upgrade.
Reward: 2 immortal stones, 100 arena coins, and 1 magic pop card.
Conquer Trader ??: Successfully deliver 5 trades on the Hotan route.
Reward: 50 arena coins and 20 silks.
TigerGirl Hunter ??: Hunt 10 Tiger Girls.
Reward: 1 damage increment and 1 damage absorb.
Demon Shaitan Slayer ??: Hunt 5 Demon Shaitans.
Reward: 2 platinum crates and 1 magic pop card.
Lord Yarkan Killer ???: Hunt 5 Lord Yarkans.
Reward: 2 berserker scrolls, 2x 20% damage increments, and 2x 20% damage absorbs.
Fixes ???:
Achievement Updates ??:
Resolved the issue where players couldn't receive the magic pop card. It can now be claimed as usual.
Rectified the bug preventing achievement unlocks if the player's level was higher than the required level.
NPC Adjustments ??:
Fixed the bug related to the nobility buff and reverted to the original pricing.
What's New ??:
New Additions ?: Introduced the Shield Egy A, now available at the NPC Arena Item shop in Hotan.

Patch Note for V 0.21 2023-10-28 03:29

?? **Changelog [1.226]**

**Enhanced Trading Experience**
? *Robust Trade Profit*: We are elated to announce a significant enhancement in trade profits, now increased by 40%. This adjustment ensures a more rewarding trading experience for all our users.
? *Maximum Trade Quantity*: Achieving excellence in our trading parameters, we have elevated the trade quantity to a prestigious five-star rating. This upgrade underscores our commitment to providing unparalleled trading opportunities.
? *Instant Profit and Item Price on Delivery*: In our continuous effort to add value to your trading endeavors, we now provide instant access to both the item price and the accrued profit upon successful trade delivery. This innovation ensures that you reap the maximum benefits from every transaction.
? *Honor Buff Points Accrual*: We uphold the tradition of rewarding excellence; hence, you will continue to earn honor buff points with every trade delivery, a testament to your trading prowess.

**Game Enhancements and Additions**
? *Egy A Weapons and Forgotten World Challenge*: We have meticulously introduced Egy A Weapons and availed the Forgotten World at a Hard Rate, crafting a challenging and enthralling gaming experience. Access to the Forgotten World is now seamlessly integrated, available for acquisition from NPCs in exchange for gold.
? *Expanded Coin Inventory in NPC*: In alignment with our game’s economic enhancements, we have introduced a variety of coins to the NPC, each with its designated value:
   - Gold Coin: 1,000,000,000
   - Silver Coin: 500,000,000
   - Iron Coin: 250,000,000
   - Copper Coin: 125,000,000
? *Adjusted Pricing for Forgotten World Pillars*: We have meticulously revised the pricing of the Forgotten World pillars, implementing a 2% increase to ensure a balanced and fair gaming economy.
? *Power Set Integration in Alex Set NPC*: We are excited to unveil the addition of the Power Set to the Alex Set NPC, providing a broader array of equipment options for our players.
? *New Accessories in Hotan*: We have enriched our accessory collection, introducing a diverse range of accessories now available at the NPC item arena in Hotan.

**Event Rewards Enhancement**
? *Substantial Increase in Auto Event Rewards*: In our unwavering commitment to enhancing player experience, we have amplified the rewards for Auto Events by a striking 20%. Below is the updated list of rewards, meticulously detailed for each event:
   - Hide & Seek: 60 Silks per Round
   - Kill the GM: 15 Silks per Round
   - LMS (Last Man Standing): 50 Silks per Round
   - Lucky Party Number: 5 Silks per Round
   - Lucky Global: 30 Silks per Round
   - Madness: 70 Silks per Round
   - PvP Matching: 5 Silks per Round
   - Survival Arena: 75 Silks for Top 1, 50 Silks for 2nd Place, 30 Silks for 3rd Place
   - Search & Destroy Event: 70 Silks
   - Trivia: 10 Silks

**Revitalized Battle Arena and Arena Coins**
? *Arena Coins Acquisition*: Immerse yourself in the Battle Arena, where victors in the Guild/Job Arena are rewarded with 7 arena coins, and the steadfast contenders receive 2. In the Random Arena, champions are awarded 5 arena coins, while participants receive 1.

**Capture The Flag (CTF) Event and Coin Acquisition**
? *Lucrative CTF Event*: Dive into the thrilling Capture The Flag event, where engaging in combat and defeating your adversaries may result in acquiring the coveted ice trophy. Seize this opportunity to convert your ice trophies into a myriad of valuable coins, all dependent on the favor of fortune.

**Quality of Life and Gameplay Improvements**
? *Effect Optimization*: We are proud to announce that all in-game effects are now functioning impeccably, with all previously identified issues resolved and a noticeable enhancement in overall quality.
? *Resolution of the Harp Glitch*: The issue pertaining to the Harp has been successfully addressed, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.
? *New Achievement System for Beginners*: We are introducing a new, linked achievement system specifically designed for our beginner players. Embark on a journey of completing requisite tasks and claim your well-deserved rewards.
? *Quest Transition to Achievement System*: In our pursuit of continuous improvement, we have transitioned quests from the NPC daily quest system to the achievement system, laying the groundwork for the introduction of captivating quests in our upcoming updates.

?? **Fights Section**
? *Zerk is Allowed now inside fortress war.*
Also, we added 2x new ranks:
1. For players: When you can place first in the fortress, you will earn 1 point. You will receive a special tag name as a reward for being the 1st rank - <Serial Killer>.
2. For guilds: The guild with the most points will receive Guild Color as a reward.

? **Arena Rewards**
1st rank Arena - <Battle Master>

? **Survival Rewards**
1st Survival - <Survival Slayer>

? **CTF Rewards**
1st CTF Rank - <CTF Master>

1st Guild with the most kills gets a random guild color.

Also, rewards will be added automatically on fortress finish for online players only! Enjoy!

Patch Note for V 0.21 2023-10-07 16:37
  • Added Titan Uniques . Time -> [05:00 -10:00 AM / 05-10 PM] GMT +3. Drops -> [2x Reverse Return Scroll / 1x MagicPOP Card] per Unique.
  • Enabled Plvl Room For New Players .
  • Fixed Normal Premium Stats .
  • Fixed Quests unknown Error .
  • Applied Fortress war time to Be next week Friday 13/10/2023 at 21:00 PM - GMT+3
  • Trade rates modified.
  • Added Magic pop notification .
  • Added uniques to dmg counter .
  • Starter items now is Character bound .
  • Daily rewards item bound and tied to HWID .
  • Added Wanted System .
  • Fixed minor bugs.
Patch Note 19/09/2023 2023-09-21 17:03
  •  Enabled Pet Page 2 you have to buy new pet [Don't Ask us to refund you silks to buy new one because it will never happen] .
  •  Enabled Jupiter .
  •  Enabled Arabian Uniques Check spawn spots from here uniques-spots .
  •  Enabled Nobility [this system is ranked depends on your nobility point's you can buy points from gold mall / Refresh Every hour like honor giving you DMG Scroll ] . Top 3 players get special buff + Effect[4%] From 4 to 15 rank get special buff [3%] From 16 to 35 rank get special buff [2%] From 35 to 50 rank get special buff [1%]
  •  Boosted Exp Rate and Re-enabled Grinding race for new players 100 Silk For Each new HWID Reaching level 110 .
  •    Boosted Attr/Magic Stone Success Rate .
  •  Added Tower Defense Event [We need to test it togather] .
  •  Added More Corodonations For Hide & Seek Event .
  •  Added note to quests NPC "This Quests Available on Level 110 Only" because new players don't know that .
  •  Added Advance Elixir +2 To Gold Mall .
  •  Added Reset Stats Scroll to item mall .
  •  Increased AttrStone Drop Rate .
  •  Removed Tablets from drops .
  •  Fixed Kill GM Char Health .
  •  Fixed Arabian Avatar Name in Item Mall .
  •  Fixed Survival Limits .
  •  Disabled PK .
  •  Disabled Reverse in Job Mode